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About Housing Literacy Guide

This housing literacy platform aims to help the audience gain an understanding of the legal, technical, procedural and financial aspects of the predominant housing interventions in the city. The intended audience for this includes the urban poor communities like the slum cooperative housing societies, other community-based organisations, NGOs, community representatives and other stakeholders.

Technical Literacy
One of the main reasons for the limited engagement of the people in their housing (re)development process is the highly technical nature of the subject. In this section, we have attempted to illustrate key technical terms and concepts so that the beneficiaries of slum redevelopment projects are able to have a more informed dialog with the technical personnel appointed to their projects.


Procedural Literacy
In this section, we have attempted to put together the step-by-step process that needs to be followed in order to implement a slum redevelopment project.

SRS Procedure Developer-Led

Assembling Project Proposal