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Clause No. 14.7.10

Commercial / Office / Shop / Economic Activity Free of Cost

i) “The eligible existing area under commercial/office/economic activity shall be computed on actual measurement/inspection, and/or on the basis of official documents such as License under the Shops and Establishment Act, Electricity bills, Photo pass etc.”

ii) “In the rehabilitation component, the BUA for commercial/office/shop/economic activity that existed prior to the date as decided by the Government subject to the provisions in the sub-regulation below shall be given.

Where a person has both residential and commercial premises without common wall between residential and commercial premises,

for commercial/office/shop/economic activity in the slum/ pavement, he shall be considered eligible for a residential/Commercial unit including BUA for commercial/office/shop/economic activity, both free of cost and carpet area of such unit shall not exceed 27.88 sq.m.”

iii) “BUA for commercial/office/shop/economic activity upto 20.90 sq.m. (225 sq.ft.) carpet area or actual area whichever is less, shall be provided to the eligible person free of cost as part of the rehabilitation project. Any area in excess of 20.90 sq.m. to the extent of existing area may, if required, be sold on preferential basis at the rate for commercial area in the free-sale component. For this purpose, “carpet area” as per (i) and (ii) above means the net usable floor area within a tenement excluding that covered by the walls or any other areas specifically exempted from floor space index computation as per prevailing Regulation”

iv) “Such area may be allowed on any side of the plot abutting 3.0 m. wide pathway and deriving access from 3.0 m. wide pathway/open space. Back-to-back shopping on ground loor shall also be allowed for the purpose of rehabilitation. After exhausting these provisions, it may be allowed on the first floor to the extent necessary”.

v) “All activities which were previously existing shall be allowed to be relocated regardless of the non-conforming nature of the activities, except those which are hazardous and highly polluting, and except in cases where the alternative accommodation has already been allotted elsewhere by the Municipal Corporation.”

vi) Convenience shopping in the free-sale component shall be permitted along the layout roads. The CEO, SRA may add to alter or amend the said list for convenience shopping.

vii) Incentive Commercial Areas for Society and NGO

a) The scheme, when undertaken by a Co-operative Housing Society of slum dwellers, may provide an additional 5 per cent built-up area on the rehabilitation area free of cost for commercial purpose. This area will be at the disposal of the Co-operative Housing Society of the hutment-dwellers. The corpus amount shall not be spent, but the income from the property/corpus alone shall be used by the Society for maintenance of the building and premises, and such other purposes as may be laid down by the SRA.”

b) “Where the scheme is undertaken by a Non-Government Organization Govt. or Public Authority or Govt. Company another additional 5 per cent BUA on the rehabilitation area may be given free of cost for commercial purpose. This area shall be at the disposal of the Non-Governmental Organization Govt. or Public Authority or Govt. Company in consultation with the cooperative housing society”

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