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Clause No. 14.7.16

Provision relating to Permanent Transit Camp Tenements for Slum Rehabilitation Scheme implemented on open plot / non-slum plot

Total FSI on plot area may be allowed to be exceeded upto 4 for construction of Transit Camp tenements for SRA.

i) The FSI and distribution of additional FSI for the construction of Transit Camp Tenements shall be as shown below – table*

ii) Such schemes shall not be permissible on lands reserved in the Development Plan and Zone in which Residential development is not permissible.

iii) Transit tenements for SRA out of additional FSI could be used for construction of Transit Camp of tenements having carpet area of 27.88 sq.m. Ground floor shall be used for commercial tenement having carpet area of 20.90 sq.m. (225sq.ft.) for project-affected commercial tenements and same shall be handed over free of cost to SRA. Alternatively, residential tenements can be used for Government Staff Quarters etc.

iv) Provision of Anganwadi, Health Centre / Outpost, Community Hall / Gymnasium / Fitness Centre, Skill Development Centre, Women Entrepreneurship Centre, Yuva Kendra / Library, Society Office, Balwadi, shall be as per Regulation No. 6.14.4 of this DCR to these transit camps 25% of basic FSI shall be exclusively used for the purpose of shops along layout road for use of residential occupants of layout.

v) Additional FSI over and above basic FSI may be released in co-relation to the BUA of the tenements that are required to be handed over free of cost to SRA / Authority as the case may be. Alternatively, TDR in lieu of unconsumed sale component of additional FSI, as per this Regulation, may be permitted for Permanent Transit Camp (PTC) for which SRA will be the Planning Authority.

vi) Only after the Transit Camps are handed over free of cost to the SRA, the Occupation Certificate, water connection, power connection etc. for the other portion shall be given by the Appropriate Authority.

vii) “Clubbing – The entire rehabilitation components including base FSI may be categorised as rental housing and permanent transit component as applicable and the corresponding sale components from the additional FSI amongst two or more schemes under this regulation can be permitted to be interchanged. A developer / developers making an application under this regulation may club more than one plot belonging to single or multiple owners and offer permanent transit component on a single plot while shifting sale component as well as base FSI of the plot to other plot agree and make a joint application. However, clubbing shall be allowed only if it leads to an independent plot / building / wing as the case may be with permanent transit component being handed over to Authority

The developer shall have to pay premium equal to 40% of unearned income calculated with the rates of construction as well as sale given in ASR of the year of payment. The unearned income shall be computed by calculating valuation of sale component awarded in lieu of component for Authority after deducting cost of construction of sale as well as Authority’s component and the cost incurred to various authorities towards statutory payments relating to Authority as well as sale component. In case there is shifting of base FSI within plots in clubbing scheme, difference of land valued in ASR shall be taken into account while finalising unearned income, and this difference shall be calculated as 100% towards premium. Such clubbing can be allowed for the schemes falling within the distance of 5Km. The premium shall be paid to the Authority in two stages 50% at the time IOA and 50% at the time of issuing C.C. for the incentive FSI, or the developer has to surrender equivalent sale FSI in form of constructed BUA to the extent of premium in the scheme to be valued at ASR rate of sale in the year of such surrender of built-up area.

Note – Out of the total premium amount so collected under rehabilitation scheme under these Regulations, 2/3 shall be kept in a separate account to be utilized as shelter fund for the State of Maharashtra and 1/3 shall be deposited at the District Office of the Town Planning Department.

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